The New Monthly Dollar Lighting Program

We offer a simple way to upgrade to LED lighting without any up front cost.  You only pay a fixed, low, monthly amount that includes your new LED lighting installation, and all ongoing
maintenance. You don’t have to worry about replacing any light or have any unexpected cost.

Most of our products are under warranty for five years, and with this program, you can enjoy peace of mind and worry-free maintenance for the duration of the program.   

The program is designed to save  you money by lowering your lighting bill, even after the program cost. 

Experience LED lighting with no up-front cost and as low as $1 per month! 


How to Start



Call: 317.548.5355
Visit: 6011 E. Hanna Ave.
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We install new LED
lighting for you with no up front cost.



You start saving with a lower lighting bill, and enjoy peace of mind with no unexpected cost.


What You Pay

•  $0 up-front cost

• $0 installation cost

• $0 removal cost

• $0 maintenance cost

• Only a low, fixed, monthly amount

• Starts at $1 per month per fixture

What You Get

• Professional site survey

• Electricity savings chart

• New LED lighting

• Professional installation

• Removal of old lights

• Maintenance service

• Free replacement of any lighting fixture

• $0 out of pocket guarantee*


Frequently Asked Questions


The Monthly Dollar program is a monthly plan that allows our customers to switch their lighting with affordable monthly payment plans without having to incur a large upfront cost.  In most cases, customers see a positive cash flow. 

How does the Monthly Dollar Program work?


How much will my lights cost per month?

Costs for the equipment and materials range from less than a dollar to more than a dollar per month.

NOTE: The monthly payment plan includes new LED lights, installation, product and labor warranty.


What happens if the LED lights stop working?

The monthly payment plan covers all product and labor warranties.  Simply call or email Edge LED and schedule a service call for our experts to fix the issue.

NOTE: The warranty covers defective product-related issues. The warranty does not cover issues related to natural disasters, power surges, faulty wiring or misuse of products. Please read our full warranty of our products here.


Payment for the first two months of the plan is required upon signing the contract. Beyond that, the payments occur on a monthly basis. 

How is the payment plan structured?


There is no limit on how many hours the lights are used.  We cover both product and labor warranties during the monthly program plan. 

Does it matter how often we use the LED lights?


How do we qualify for this program?


How long does it take to get new lighting after signing the contract?


How do I sign up for the program?

In order for your business to qualify for the monthly program, you should own the facility and should be in business for more than three years.  Some exceptions may apply.


The installation time will vary.  We always attempt to provide you with expedited installation after the contract is signed.


Call Edge LED at 317-548-5355 or email to schedule a no-obligation visit.

The program involves three simple steps:

  1. Edge LED experts visits your site for a detailed light audit
  2. A solution with monthly payment plan is proposed
  3. Edge LED experts install and service the lights throughout the contract term

Almost all existing lights qualify for the monthly program plan.  However, in order to maximize your savings, our lighting experts will walk through the lighting solutions for your facility.  We will present options to you with all the associated savings and help you decide on the final solution.

How do I know which lights qualify for the monthly program?




We will provide solutions specific to each facility.  If the buildings or facilities are located next to each other, they can all be served under one monthly contract.  For building or facilities located farther apart, separate contracts will be required.

What if we have multiple facilities?



Does the program include new construction?

Yes. The program includes new construction lights.

NOTE: that new or additional wiring is not included in the monthly program plan.  Edge LED offers professional electrical services that can be combined with the monthly program plan.


Yes. All interior and exterior lights are included in the monthly program.  Please see the attached list for all the lamps and fixtures offered in the monthly program plan.

Does the monthly program plan include interior and exterior lights?


Does the program include lamps or fixtures?

Yes. Depending on your need, the lighting solutions may include new lamps and new fixtures. Edge LED will cater the solution options to your needs to provide the best lighting environment while maximizing the savings.


There are three main sources of savings when you switch to LED lights

  1. Direct energy savings – this is savings results from changing to LED because LEDs use significantly less energy to provide the same or more amount of lighting. For example, a standard four feet T8 fluorescent tube consumes approximately 34 watts and can be replaced with either a 12 watt high lumen output or an 18 watt standard output LED tube. This provides a saving of 16 or 22 watts per tube light.
  2. Indirect energy savings – this is savings, which reduce from the fact that LED produces much less heat than traditional incandescent and fluorescent. The cool operation LEDs provide considerable heat load savings reducing cooling energy needed for interior operations
  3. Bulb replacement and maintenance savings – this saving occurs because Edge LED will cover all product and maintenance issues during the monthly program plan. LED lights also last significantly longer than regular incandescent lamps, which reduce replacement and maintenance cost. For example, a metal halide lamp in a parking lot light would typically last 10,000 to 14,000 hours compared to LED fixture which would last 50,000 hours.  Furthermore, LED fixtures do not require ballast.

How much will I save by SWITCHING to LED lights?