DESIGN & Product Selection

We can help you choose the right LED Lighting for your business and recommend the ideal places to install them. Replace your old inefficient lights with bright LED lighting and lower your energy bill.


Edge has teamed with Ascentium Capital LLC to provide you with financing options for your LED lighting endeavors. Try their easy-to-use payment calculator in the button below. If you would like to learn more about Ascentium Capital's services, visit their website here.

Rebate Processing

If you are a business customer, you may receive rebates on LED lights of up to 100%. We can process these rebates for you and sometimes offer instant rebates in advance!


We will provide a free on-site energy assessment, and offer installation of your new LED lights. Remember, as much as 50% of the installation may be covered by instant rebates!


If you prefer, we can provide shipping and/or delivery of your new LED lights to your business.